Getting back in the habit

If you’ve been following my Instagram account recently you will know my postings have been a little sporadic but in recent weeks I have hit the street photography trail again in an attempt to find my way again with the camera.

As well as the usual ‘life happening’ stuff that goes one for us all, I’ve been pretty busy working with my camera and it has left me with little time to play with it how I like to and I have been renovating a listed building to prepare a new creative art centre. Many hours are being spent editing photos and video footage, sanding, scapring and painting and all I want to do is go out there and shoot. I even missed my favourite season, Autumn but I did manage to get some shots during the recent snow.

That being said, here is a snap shot of what I was taking in the run up to Christmas with a post about the studio and my latest announcement to follow up in the coming days now that I have got my blog/vlog mojo back again.

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