To shoot, or not to shoot… weddings

I’ve been asked in the past if I ‘do’ weddings and if not, why I haven’t considered it. The simple answer is this; weddings are often planned months, even years in advance and I am not always sure what I am doing tomorrow! 

A lot of my projects take off within a couple of weeks of being an idea, so to commit to something over a year in advance takes an awful lot of consideration. 

That being said, I have shot two weddings this year and been a second shooter at another and thoroughly enjoyed the different challenges they provided. In some ways, wedding photography is similar to my first love, street photography. The pressure to capture fleeting moments in and around the usual sort after traditional family shots, as they happen and without being intrusive, make me feel quite at home. Wedding photography today often results in hundreds of shots for a couple to review but I believe in providing a quality of work over quantity and volume, for people to choose from.

But before all this, a number of factors have to coincide, the most important being the couple themselves.

I understand that securing someone to capture the big day is one of the most important aspects of any wedding and that takes a lot of time investment from both parties.

The right relationship is everything. There has to be a connection and understanding between us before I would consider taking on the responsibility of capturing a couple’s special day and blocking out my time. 

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